August 8, 2018– Samuel Duncan Abeku Williams also known as SDA Williams, one of the great Australian entrepreneur, is a Ghanaian born Australian. He is a graduate of Victoria University – Australia with a Bachelor of Business Accounting (BBAA) and Private Security expert.

An internationally renowned speaker and author, he has written several books that explain in details how to live a better life, have a personal growth plan and become successful.

He is the author of “The School Life, Fortify Your Youthful Mind and Grow Rich and The 7 Riches of Life (coming soon)”.

Samuel D.A Williams has achieved various great feats in his lifetime, as he was the Victoria University student ambassador for a year; he was also the youngest presenter to work for the Ghanaian Community Victoria on Melbourne community base radio.

One of his highlights was when he had the opportunity to write to the prime minister of Australia and discuss the graduate’s employment challenges. In recent years, he has partaken in many fundraising activities of Adventist Development & Relief Agency and His own charity organization GYT.

He is also a member of International Association of Professional Motivational Speaker and is known as motivational godfather due to his best and simple form of transforming lives of individuals based on “Success, Wealth and Power” seminars, workshops and coaching, in Australia, Africa and the globe.

He is also the founder/CEO of Wise Ink press Business and now he plans to take his GYT and Wise Ink press Writing and speaking Business to the United State of America, Europe, Asia, United Kingdom etc.

When asked what drives him, he says “I strongly believe that, we’re all in the world for a particular purpose, none of us, is here by chance, I also believe that, we all have greatness planted within us, each one of us needs a little bit of water to grow up beautifully I am here for such task.

He is married to a beautiful wife Clarisse A Williams with two great boy. His mentor is His Excellency, John Agyekum Kufuor (Former President – Republic of Ghana) and business & Speaking coach JT Foxx.



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